Best Contractor Training Programs in 2024

Published: Nov 03, 2022


In most states, contractors are required to undertake a verified training course before receiving their professional license. General contractors need to take these pre-license courses in order to be fully compliant with state requirements.

This safety training can be in-person or online. Most courses cover topics including health and safety, building codes and risk management. At the end of the course, participants will take a licensing exam. If they pass the exam, they’ll then be able to apply for their contractor license.

If you need to undergo contractor training as part of your professional licensing process, take a look at our pick of the top courses for 2023.

How Do I Become a Contractor?

If you want to become a licensed contractor, you’ll probably need to complete an apprenticeship in the construction industry and get a few years of experience under your belt first. Working on building sites with plumbers, journeymen and electricians will give you invaluable experience and a clearer idea of the type of work you want to take on.

You may also be able to complete a degree in a related field to enhance your qualifications. Most states have minimum experience and education requirements in place to ensure contractors have the knowledge needed to carry out their demanding work.

Once you’ve met the minimum requirements in your state, and feel ready to take on and manage projects yourself, you can start thinking about applying for your general contractor license.

In most states, contractors need to pass a recognized training course and purchase a contractor license bond before they can apply for their license. You may also need to prove you have relevant experience in construction and take a contractor exam.

You can find out more about how to become a contractor by contacting your state licensing body or your local construction union.

Available Learning Options


There are various in-person courses available around the country. In-person training often takes the form of seminars and lectures as well as group discussion. In some cases, you may also do some practical work. This is more common on specialist courses like HVAC training.

If you’re the sort of person who learns better in a classroom and enjoys interacting with fellow students, this type of course could well suit your learning style.


Online classes are a fantastic option for people who want to fit their required training around their day job. Online training has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years and there is now a wide choice of courses available.

If you join an online course, you’ll probably receive your training materials via email or through an online portal. Instead of a seminar, you’ll join a webinar and you’ll communicate with teachers and other students via video calls or online messages.

Because online courses aren’t limited by geography, it can be easier to find a course that suits your timetable and your interests. If you’re looking to study a specialist skill, an online training program could be the easiest way to get qualified and secure your contractor license.

Top Contractor Training Programs

The Builders License Training Institute

The Builders License Training Institute is a fantastic option for builders and contractors who want to get licensed and complete continuing education. The institute offers a range of training resources including videos, audio lectures and printed text. Their materials are available to access on any device, allowing you to study via your phone, tablet computer or laptop.

The Builders License Training Institute offers 10 and 30-hour OSHA courses in English and Spanish, as well a choice of pre-licensing and exam-prep courses.

Packages for contractor license courses cost from $109 to $179 and exam-prep courses start from $99. Instructor help is available if you need extra support, and the institute also provides scholarships and financial aid.


As well as pre-licensing, continuing education and certification courses, @HomePrep offers a variety of specialist courses like OSHA training, electrician continuing education, roofing and HVAC business and law.

Training materials are provided in a range of online formats, allowing you to work at any time of the day or night that suits you.

The Contractor School

The Contractor School offers courses in the construction trades, business, law and management. Their professional consultants have over 25 years of experience in the construction field and in preparing candidates for exams, and all of the school’s tests are online 24/7.

Exam prep courses start from $114, and support is available via phone and email.

The Contractor Training Center

The Contractor Training Center is the only institution that offers existing general contractors coaching and consultation. It also offers instruction for those preparing for the licensure test. There are in-person, live-streamed and pre-recorded courses available and all are accessible on mobile devices.

The Contractor Training Center is available in 27 states and exam prep courses start from $249.

The Construction Association

Part of the Associated General Contractors (AGC), the Construction Association was founded to give insights, tools, resources and connections to industry professionals as part of their association membership. Some courses come free with the annual membership fee of $175, however many of their specialist courses have an additional cost.

The Construction Association offers courses both in-person and online. Courses provided by the association include law, the environment, economics, risk management, safety and health, taxes and workforce development.

My Contractor License

My Contractor License only operates in 16 states. However, where it is available, this high quality resource is a popular choice for those working in both commercial and residential real estate development.

The online portal focuses on general contractor test preparation. So, whether you’re sitting your exams for the first time or renewing your license, the courses on offer should help you breeze through your test without a problem. The unlimited full prep course for general contractors is $749, though cheaper options are also available.

Contractor training courses can help tradespeople and subcontractors secure their general contractor license and move up the career ladder. For more information on general contractor bonding requirements, and to get a free quote, fill in our online application form or get in touch with a member of our team.

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