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Latest Surety Bond Articles
Producing and selling liquor in Indiana is regulated by the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission. If you want to engage in these activities,... read more
Hawaii auto dealers, it’s time to renew your Hawaii dealer license and bond! The renewal deadline is June 30 but to be guaranteed... read more
According to 4707.02 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC), no person in the state can act as an auctioneer, auction firm, apprentice or... read more
A number of businesses engaged in telephone sales need to get a Florida telemarketing license to legally conduct their operations in the state.... read more
Latest Legislative Updates
Louisiana Cosmetology Schools bond SB 183 has designed on 5/27/2016 to require cosmetology schools that charge for tuition has increased from $5,000 to... read more
A new North Carolina bill that has already been enacted and is in force affects cigarette distributors, wholesale and retail dealers, as well... read more
With Lake Minnetonka being the largest lake in the Twin Cities metropolitan area at over 14,000 acres, and known for year round recreation... read more
Recently Arizona State Legislature passed House Bill 2444 which amends section 28-5104 of the Arizona Revised Statutes. In subsection F of the revised... read more