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Robin Kix

“In the ever-evolving landscape of the surety bond industry, staying ahead means not just understanding the current regulations, but anticipating future trends and adapting swiftly to meet them."


  • 10 years in the surety industry.
  • Helped clients in all 50 states get bonded.
  • Maintains direct, daily contact with clients and their needs.
  • Part of the team at Lance Surety Bonds, a top-tier company in the surety bond industry.

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“A decade in the surety bond industry taught me that the key to successful client relationships is not just delivering solutions, but educating and empowering our clients to understand the complexities and nuances of bonding.”


  • Helped hundreds of clients renew their surety bonds.
  • Ensured businesses across multiple industries remained licenced and compliant.
  • Trained the Renewals Department team, ensuring they deliver bonding solutions that consistently exceed client expectations.
  • Established strong relationships with the clients by providing top bond underwriting services at competitive rates.


  • Leads the Renewal Department at Lance Surety Bonds.
  • Always finds the lowest rate for her clients.
  • Creates outstanding customer experiences through bespoke service. 
  • Provides added value to her clients thanks to her deep knowledge of licensing processes.

“Each bond we issue is more than just a document; it's a commitment to trust, reliability, and the future success of the businesses we serve."