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Lance Surety Bonds is able to write all types of surety bonds required by the state of Missouri. We offer exclusive bond programs that allow us to offer the lowest rates in the nation, for standard market applicants as well as customers with less than perfect credit. We represent a large network of expert A-rated and T-listed companies and have extensive experience with underwriting surety bonds in Missouri.

If you have questions about how much your bond would cost or how to get bonded with high or low credit, browse the questions and answers section below. It offers comprehensive and extensive answers to these questions.

You can also apply for your Missouri surety bond directly, through our search tool below. Get started by finding the bond you need and clicking on the ‘Apply’ button. We will provide you with a free quote on your bond shortly after you submit your application.

If you’d rather speak to one of our surety bond experts, give us a call at (877) 514-5146! Our professionals are among the best in the industry and know all about how you can get bonded in Missouri.

Find Your Missouri Surety Bond

  • Contractor License (No P&P Language) Bond
    General Contractor License Bond
    City of Joplin
  • Contractor License (No P&P Language) Bond
    City of Neosho Electrical Contractor Bond
    City of Neosho
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (Local) Bond
    Contractor License Bond (City of Dexter, MO)
    City of Dexter
  • Contractor License Performance & Payment (State) Bond
    Performance Bond (Construction)
    Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission
  • Insurance 3rd Party Administrator Bond
    Third Party Administrator
    State of Missouri
  • Mortgage Broker (1st & 2nd Mortgages) Bond
    Residential Mortgage Brokers (In Lieu of Audit)
    Commissioner of Finance
  • Mortgage Broker (1st & 2nd Mortgages) Bond
    Residential Mortgage Loan Broker Bond
    Commissoner of Finance
  • Mortgage Lender/Banker (1st & 2nd Mort.) Bond
    Mortgage Lender
    Commissioner of Finance
  • Small Loan Companies Bond
    Title Loan Lenders
    Truman State Office Bldg.
  • Small Loan Companies Bond
    Consumer Credit Lenders Bond in Lieu of Audit
    Commissioner of Finance
  • Auto & Mobile Home Dealers (New & Used) Bond
    Motor Vehicle Dealer
    Motor Vehicle Bureau - Dealer Licensing Section
  • Auto & Mobile Home Dealers (Used Only, No New) Bond
    Motor Vehicle Dealer
    Motor Vehicle Bureau - Dealer Licensing Section
  • Auto & Mobile Home Dealers (Used Only, No New) Bond
    Used Vehicle Dealer Bond (Springfield, MO)
    City of Springfield License Divisio
  • Sport Permits Bond
    License Bond For Boxing, Martial Arts, Or Wrestlin
    Office of Athletics
  • Health Spas/Health Clubs Bond
    Health Club
    Office Consumer Protection
  • Health Spas/Health Clubs Bond
    Health Club License Bond
    Office of Consumer Protection
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Consumer Credit Lenders
    Missouri Department of Finance
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Service Contract Provider Bond
    Missouri Dept of Insurance
  • Professional Licenses (All Other) Bond
    Sign Installation Bond (Jennings, MO)
    City Of Jennings
  • Schools (All) Bond
    Proprietary School
    MO Coordinating Board for Higher Education
  • Alcohol (Retailers) Bond
    Corporate Bond (Intoxicating Liquor, Wine & 5% Bee
    Director of Revenue
  • Fuel Tax (All Others, Sellers & Users) Bond
    Carter Energy
    Carter Energy
  • Miscellaneous Taxes Bond
    Transient Employer Bond
    Missouri Department of Revenue
  • Sales, Use & Consumer Tax Bond
    Sales & Use Tax Bond
    Missouri Dept of Revenue & Taxation Division
  • Utility Deposit Bond
    The Empire District Company
    Empire Electric
  • Utility Deposit Bond
    Utility Guarantee
    White River Valley Electric Cooperative
  • Utility Deposit Bond
    City of Columbia, Utility Customers Bond
    City of Columbia Finance Dept
  • Utility Deposit Bond
    Electrical Service Bond
  • Indemnity (Miscellaneous - Not Listed) Bond
    Kansas City Southern Railway Company Hauling Bond
    Kansas City Southern Railway Company
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Painters' District Council #2
    Painter's District Council #2, Saint Louis
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Employer's Wage, Expense, Dues Check Off, and Vaca
    Insulators & Allied Workers Local No.
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Pension, Welfare and Vacation Funds Bond
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Guaranteed Payment into Miscellaneous Benefit Fund
    Glaziers Local 513
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Construction Laborers' Benefit Office Wage and Wel
    Construction Laborers' Benefit Office
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Employer Contributions to Employee Benefit Plans
    Sheet Metal Workers Local 36
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    IUOE Local 513 Wage Contribution Payment Bond
    IUOE Local 513
  • Wages & Fringe Benefits Bond
    Wage and Welfare Funds Bond (Labors Local #110)
    Labors Local #110
  • Fringe Benefits Only Bond
    Operating Engineers Local 101 Employer Benefits Bo
    Operating Engineers Local 101
  • Fringe Benefits Only Bond
    Employer Contributions To Employee Benefit Plans
    Sheet Metal Workers' Local 36
  • Lottery Bond
    Missouri Lottery Commission
  • Money Transmitter Bond
    Check Issuer
    Director of Finance
  • Appraisal Management
    Appraisal Management Company Bond
    State of Missouri

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a Surety Bond Cost in Missouri?

The cost of your Missouri surety bond is not a fixed figure. Instead, how much your bond costs depends on the type of bond you are applying for and the amount that you need to get bonded for. To provide you with a rate on your bond, sureties usually base their calculations on this amount.

Here is how surety bond cost is formed. Every surety bond has an amount. This amount is the sum that the surety will provide to obligees if there is a claim against the bond. The amounts of surety bonds are often determined by state governments, with the exception of those which are the same for all states. Contract bonds also have different amounts because they are determined for each case individually.

The quote on your premium that sureties provide you with is a percentage of that bond amount. How high or low a percentage you will be offered depends on a number of financial indicators. Most important among these is your personal credit score. Sureties take credit score always into account because it is a very direct indicator of an applicant’s financial stability.

To those applicants who have a high credit score and who, when asked, can also provide personal and business financial statements that demonstrate their stability, sureties offer so-called standard market rates. These rates are between 1%-4% of the total amount of your bond. In other words, the cost of your Missouri surety bond will be between 1% and 4% of the amount of the bond.

There are further factors that contribute to and influence the cost of your bond. Our surety bond cost guide can provide you with plenty of additional information on the topic. Make sure to have a look!

Missouri Bad Credit Surety Bonds Program

Many applicants don’t have a perfect credit score and are therefore often turned down by sureties. Yet, despite credit difficulties, bankruptcies or other issues, it is perfectly possible for such businesses to get bonded.

Lance Surety Bonds’ Bad Credit Surety Bonds program offers people who have a low credit score or no credit to get bonded. Bonding such businesses means that they can continue operating and eventually improving their credit standing. It is our desire to help businesses and we therefore offer this program to them.

Getting bonded under our bad credit program means that you will likely have to pay a slightly higher premium on your Missouri surety bond. This is necessary in order to compensate for the greater risk involved in bonding applicants with lower credit scores.

Regardless of the credit type, all our applicants are served the same and offered only the most exclusive rates on their bonds. Due to our network of partner surety bond companies in Missouri, we can find the best rates for our clients!

How to Get Bonded in Missouri

Your Missouri surety bond is just a few clicks away! To get started you need to apply online and fill in a couple of details about your and the bond you need. After that it will only take a short while before we come back to you with a free quote on your bond.

Getting bonded in Missouri is simple and by applying with us you are sure to receive one of the lowest quotes on your bond in the whole state. We know Missouri bonding requirements well and have plenty of experience bonding businesses in Missouri.

Feel free to call us at (877) 514-5146 anytime! We are available to respond to your questions, guide you through the application process and provide you with expert advice. Call us and let’s get your application process started!

Types of Missouri Surety Bonds

Almost all types of surety bond fall within three main types of categories. We underwrite all of these types of bonds for the state of Missouri. We can provide you with Missouri license bonds, Missouri contract bonds and Missouri court bonds.

License bonds are needed by those applicants who are applying for a business license and are required to get bonded. Which businesses need to get bonded before they get their permit is determined by state or federal regulations but we are able to provide bonds for all Missouri businesses who need them.

This includes Missouri auto dealers, insurance brokers, mortgage and freight brokers, contractors and many others. Missouri license bonds are the type of bonds we underwrite the most in Missouri!

Contract bonds are needed by those applicants which want to work on a construction job or participate in a bid. Most applicants for Missouri contract bonds are bonded and licensed Missouri contractors who have been asked by the project owner to get bonded.

Getting bonded is a requirement for almost all state and federal construction jobs and many private construction project owners in Missouri also request their contractors to get bonded before they can commence work.

Court bonds are needed by those applicants who either want to appeal a judgement or become fiduciaries. Usually a Missouri court will need applicants to get the relevant bonds before they can appeal a judgement in an appellate court.

Other Missouri courts will order individuals to obtain fiduciary bonds before they can assume that role in relation to someone’s property or assets in the state of Missouri.

Top Surety Bond Companies in Missouri

Lance Surety Bonds represents some of the best Missouri surety bond companies as well as across the whole country. All of the sureties we work with are licensed in all 50 states, they are A-rated and better with the ‘A.M. Best’ credit rating system and are T-listed with the U.S. Department of Treasury.

A number of the surety bond companies we work with include: Great American Insurance Company, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and Washington International Insurance Company. By getting your bond with us, you are investing in the best financial backing possible!

Most Popular Surety Bonds in Missouri

Missouri Auto Dealer Bond

To become an auto dealer in Missouri you will first need to get bonded. Your Missouri auto dealer bond will allow you to get a license and open a dealership.

Contractor License Bond

Before you can work on a construction job in Missouri, you will need to get licensed as a contractor. One of the requirements of your license will be to get a Missouri contractor license bond.

Mortgage Broker Bond

To become a mortgage broker and negotiate mortgage terms in the state of Missouri, you will need to get a mortgage broker bond.

Mortgage Lender Bonds

To sell and service mortgages in Missouri, you will need a mortgage lender bond as part of the licensing requirements for mortgage lenders.

Freight Broker Bon

Before you can take on jobs as a Missouri freight broker you will need to get a license. One of the licensing requirements is that you obtain a Missouri freight broker bond!

Sales Tax Bonds

Sales tax bonds are needed by some businesses in Missouri. They guarantee that these businesses will pay their taxes to the government of Missouri.

What Our Clients Have To Say?

Kimberlee Ables
Quick response times and turn around for issuing bonds. Great customer service and very knowledgeable. We have used Lance Surety multiple times and have never been disappointed. Highly recommend them and Collette!
Andrew Poincot
Long story short, these guys cut through the B.S. and get the job done. Responsiveness, excellent! Communication, excellent! Respect for their industry partners, excellent! John, Collette, Ryan, you're all-stars! Thank you!
Margie Martinez
We decided for Lance Surety Bond's quote for 2 reasons; Price and Customer Service. Our Representative Ryan was just SUPERB!! [...] I highly recommend Lance Surety Bond for all your Bonding needs! I'll definitely come back for all of mine. :-) Thanks Ryan!

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