Oklahoma Marijuana Grower License

Published: Aug 14, 2023
Oklahoma Marijuana Grower License


In 2018, Oklahoma residents voted to authorize the state’s medical marijuana program, paving the way for legal medical cannabis cultivation, processing, and sales. Subsequently, the state created the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) to act as the regulatory agency overseeing the issuance of commercial and patient license applications, providing customer service to licensees and applicants, streamlining the rulemaking process in accordance with state statutes, enforcing the established regulations, conducting thorough investigations into potential violations of medical marijuana laws, and performing other essential tasks related to the administration of medical marijuana regulations.
In short, the OMMA is tasked with granting licenses to suitable marijuana-related businesses in the state, ensuring that those businesses are operating in accordance with the law. This means that if you wish to run a business that deals with cannabis at any point, you must fulfill all licensing requirements, obtain a license, and get a surety bond before commencing operations.
With this in mind, this article will explore the types of medical marijuana licenses currently available and focus specifically on one type of license—the marijuana grower’s license.

Types of Medical Marijuana Licenses in Oklahoma

There are various license types for medical marijuana businesses in Oklahoma, each of which is designed to cover a specific element of cannabis production, distribution, and use. Below, we list the current business licenses available to Oklahoma residents. 

  • Medical Marijuana Patient License
  • Medical Marijuana Caregiver License
  • Medical Marijuana Dispensary
  • Medical Marijuana Processor
  • Medical Marijuana Transporter License
  • Medical Marijuana Research License
  • Medical Marijuana Cultivation License
  • Medical Marijuana Testing Laboratory License

Requirements to Grow Marijuana in Oklahoma for Medical Purposes

Prior to seeking an OMMA license for becoming a licensed grower in Oklahoma, potential grow operations need to fulfill specific prerequisites established by the OMMA.

  1. Residency — Applicants must be legal residents of the state of Oklahoma to qualify for a grower license. 
  2. Age — The minimum age requirement for prospective growers is 25 years old.
  3. Background Check — A thorough background check is conducted on all applicants and individuals associated with the cultivation operation. This ensures that only individuals with no disqualifying criminal history are granted a license.
  4. Security Measures — Applicants must demonstrate that they have robust security protocols in place to safeguard the cultivation facility. This includes measures to prevent unauthorized access and theft of cannabis products.
  5. Zoning Compliance — The cultivation facility must be located in an area that complies with local zoning regulations and is permitted for marijuana cultivation. A certificate of compliance will be required as proof.
  6. Financial Capacity — Commercial growers need to show sufficient financial resources to establish and maintain a successful marijuana cultivation business.

How to Get a Grower License in Oklahoma: Step-by-Step

Obtaining a grower license in Oklahoma involves a multi step application process and ensuring you meet the requirements involved within each step is crucial to a successful application. Below, we cover the main points you should be aware of in a step-by-step guide to obtaining a grow license in Oklahoma city.

Step 1: Research and Education

Before initiating the application process, growers should thoroughly research the requirements, regulations, and responsibilities associated with operating a medical marijuana cultivation facility in Oklahoma. This includes familiarizing yourself with state laws, local ordinances, and best practices in legal cannabis cultivation.

Step 2: Business Entity Formation

Applicants must establish a legal business entity for their marijuana cultivation operation. This entity could be a corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or other recognized business structures. Additionally, unless the business is a sole proprietor or general partnership, the entity must submit a certificate of good standing document.

Step 3: Business Plan Development

A well-crafted business plan is a crucial component of the application process. The plan should outline the applicant's cultivation strategy, grow facility, financial projections, security measures, and compliance protocols. A comprehensive and professional business plan increases the likelihood of obtaining a license.

Step 4: Premises and Facilities

Finding an appropriate location for the cultivation facility is crucial, as the site should comply with zoning regulations, have sufficient space for cultivation, and meet security requirements. Additionally, applicants must provide proof that the premises are not within 1,000 feet of any public or private school.

Step 5: Surety Bond Acquisition

Any business applying for a grower license in Oklahoma will require a medical marijuana bond as of April 2023. This acts as a guarantee that the licensee will abide by all rules and regulations pertaining to medical marijuana cultivation. Contact us today to discuss your surety bond requirements.

Step 6: Application Submission

With all the necessary preparations complete, applicants can now submit their grower license application to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. The application should include all required documents, business plans, security plans, proof of surety bond, and the license application fee.

Step 7: Regulatory Review

Upon submission, the OMMA will review the application and conduct background checks on the applicants and affiliated parties. The review process aims to verify that the applicants meet all requirements and are suitable candidates for a medical marijuana grower license.

Step 8: License Issuance

If the application meets all criteria and is approved, the OMMA will issue the medical marijuana grower license. Successful applicants can begin cultivating marijuana for medical purposes legally.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Grower License in OK?

The cost of obtaining a grower license in Oklahoma will vary depending on various factors, including the license class, facility size, and the costs associated with your surety bond premium. Currently OMMA operates a tiered application fee structure that can be viewed here. However, we have also covered other costs that you can expect to pay below.

  1. Application Fee — The initial application fee is non-refundable and varies depending on the type of license being sought. It is essential to check the current fee structure with the OMMA.
  2. Background Check Fee — A fee is typically charged for the background check conducted on all applicants and associated individuals.
  3. Surety Bond Premium — The cost of the surety bond is determined by the bond amount required, which is currently $50,000. Your bond premium will be a percentage of this tied to your credit score and other financials.
  4. Legal and Consulting Fees — Engaging legal counsel or industry consultants to ensure compliance and navigate the application process may involve fees.
  5. Insurances and Operation Expenses — Miscellaneous expenses may include insurance coverage, utility fees, ongoing compliance costs, and other operational expenses.

For more information on obtaining a medical marijuana surety bond, contact us today to discuss your requirements and get a free bond quote.


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