Top 6 Forums for Truckers and Freight Brokers

Published: Sep 05, 2014

With the deadline to renew your freight broker bond approaching fast, you are probably vehemently browsing the Internet for more information. And you've probably come across various trucking and freight broker forums, where people from the industry discuss all kinds of relevant topics. Forums, unlike official websites, are a great way to get insider information, learn tricks of the trade, and even network to find future business partners. With this in mind, here's a list of the six best forums for truckers and freight brokers.

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#1 Truckers Forum

The Truckers Forum is among the most popular online space for truckers and freight brokers alike. Just a quick look at the front page reveals the range of useful topics discussed – from the recent FMCSA regulations and driver shortages in New York to alternative cartridges for your truck. The forum is conveniently organized and has a Resources page where you can search by different criteria, such as most active authors, to find relevant information. You can look for jobs on the Employment page or post a small ad, whether you are looking to hire people or find a spare part for your truck.

#2 Truckers Report

With more than 146,000 members and 192,000 threads, Truckers Report gets its fair share of truckers and brokers. The forum is divided into many sections, so you know where your question or answer belongs – there are separate sections for truckers, owner-operators, and freight brokers. There is a whole section just for discussing good and bad trucking companies, where new drivers can ask questions and get expert advice. This forum also offers the option to check out job listings, post an ad, or even calculate truck insurance.

#3 TruckingBoards

TruckingBoards is a very practically-oriented forum. The first section includes job ads from trucking companies, as well as the option for anyone to advertise their products and services. There's even a section titled “Politics” where anyone can vent off their frustrations or express their opinions. Below these, there are big sections named “LTL Carriers,” “Foodservice Carriers,” and “Truckload Carriers,” and for each of these sub-industries, there is a comprehensive list of carriers who operate in them. Each company has its own board and threads, so drivers and clients can share their experience and see what others think.


#4 Indeed

Indeed is a job search platform, but they have a special sub-section dedicated to freight agents looking for jobs. It is full of useful statistics, such as what the average salary of a freight broker is, both nationwide and in different states and cities. You can even compare the average for that job with the average salary for all other jobs or another particular job. In addition to that, there are the typical practical discussions and debates going on, that cover topics such as the usefulness of freight broker training and types of software you can use to help with your job.

#5 Class A Drivers (CAD)

CAD is more of a truckers forum than a freight broker forum, although even the latter can find some useful information on it. The first section is informational and contains sub-sections, which are more diverse than those of other forums. There is even a board for female truckers, where women in the trucking industry can have their own discussions. There's a whole employment section, where you can go to a different board depending on whether you are an owner-operator or a trucker. There is even a place where you can enter details about who you are and what you do and CAD's database will try to match you with partners or employers.

#6 Expediters Online

If you are dealing with expedited freight, Expediters Online ithe place where you can find over 18,000 people related to your industry. The sections are similar to those of other websites, but they're specifically geared to expediters (there's even a section about Canadian expediters). A particular point of interest is the lifestyle section, where expediters can share all kinds of insights like how to lead a healthy lifestyle on the road. Also interesting is the Ask the Recruiter board where you can connect with recruiters for some of the largest expediter carriers in the U.S.

All of these six sites are great places for finding helpful resources, networking, and having job-related fun. Are you a member on any of them? What are your favorite places online?

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