How To Be A Successful Freight Broker [Infographic]

Published: Dec 19, 2017
How to be a successful freight broker
Lance Surety Bonds‘ newest infographic is out!

In our latest infographic, we tackle the question of what it is that makes freight brokers successful. At the heart of one of the most important industries in the U.S. and worldwide, freight brokers are an essential component of the equation between suppliers and carriers. As such, great opportunities are there for those who know how to stay up to date and continuously up their business game.

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The Complete Compliance Guide for Freight Brokers

Only in the U.S. transportation already exceeds $1 trillion annually. Of these, the trucking industry’s share is above $700 billion. These figures are expected to grow within the next decade, as is the trucking industry as a whole, adding another 21% of its current size.

Within this context, freight brokers are those who make the connection between shippers and carriers, they are those who meet the challenges of both and offer efficient solutions. They make sure to provide shippers with the best rates and fastest delivery times but they also take care of carriers by maximizing loads and avoiding empty miles. Though this may be challenging and hard at times, freight brokers are central to the success of both shippers and carriers.

Lance Surety Bonds’ infographic presents a number of activities as well as practices that freight brokers can put into use in order to deliver even better results. After reviewing a number of expert sources and conducting research, we have found that the practices outlined in our infographic are among the most quoted when it comes to advice for freight brokers. They combine the use of technology, along with a number of other skills such as marketing, networking, continuing education as well as getting the necessary freight broker surety bond.

Check out the infographic below for a more detailed exposition!
How to be a Successful Freight Broker

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