Deck the Hauls: Learn How the Holiday Hustle Impacts Truck Drivers

Published: Nov 01, 2023

The impact of the holidays on truckers

When we think of the holiday season, images of twinkling lights, festive decorations, and family gatherings often come to mind. But for truckers, the reality is quite different. While many of us enjoy time off work with loved ones, truckers work overtime to deliver the gifts and goods that make our celebrations possible. How does this time of year affect their personal lives and general well-being?

To explore the impact of the holiday season on truckers, we conducted a survey asking about the emotional and physical toll that the holiday workload can take on them. They also shared how they feel about the support and compensation they get in return from their employers and what changes they’d like to see. From family relationship struggles to hopes for a well-deserved holiday bonus, we’ll highlight the unique challenges truckers face during this festive season.

Key Takeaways

  • On average, truckers anticipate working an extra 15 hours per week during the holidays.
  • 38% of truck drivers expect to be working on Christmas this year.
  • 51% of truckers expect a holiday bonus this year, and just over half of this group would consider looking for another job if they don’t receive one.
  • 25% of truckers are considering looking for another job before the holiday season.
  • 65% of truckers say their demanding schedule strains their relationships with their family, and 74% have delayed holiday celebrations due to work.

What Our Holiday Cheer Costs Truck Drivers

The holiday season is supposed to be a time for joy and celebration, but it brings a unique set of challenges for truckers. Here’s a look at what their experiences are like.

Infographic that explores how truck drivers perceive the upcoming holiday season to go

Driving a truck can be a hard, stressful, and lonely job, and these factors have contributed to the trucker shortage in America. Daily trucking is difficult, but it becomes even harder during the holidays: A staggering 65% of the truckers we surveyed reported that their demanding schedules strain their relationships with family. Additionally, about 3 in 4 have had to delay holiday celebrations due to work commitments. These issues can certainly diminish the family festivities that can make this time of year memorable for the rest of us.

Adding to the strain, 73% of truck drivers have found it challenging to carve out time for holiday shopping amid their bustling work schedules. Our survey revealed that the average trucker believes they’ll work an additional 15 hours per week during the holiday season, with 38% expecting to be on the road on Christmas day.

Recognizing the sacrifices truckers make as they work tirelessly to fill our holidays with joy, don’t these unsung heroes deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and dedication?

The Road to a Better Holiday for Truckers

Let’s now focus on how these hardworking drivers are compensated and supported during this demanding time of year.

Infographic that explores truck drivers opinions about holiday pay

Most truckers (92%) believe they at least deserve a holiday bonus for working longer, harder, and often in hazardous weather—but only 51% told us they expect to get one. Just over half of those who think a holiday bonus is coming their way this year also said they’d consider looking for another job if it doesn’t. Regardless, one-quarter of truck drivers (25%) were thinking about looking for another job before the holiday season hits, and nearly as many (23%) shared that they’re considering changing industries altogether.

It’s not just about the money, though. The holidays can also take a significant physical toll on truck drivers, with 1 in 12 experiencing an injury on the job, most commonly from slips or falls, in previous years. Adding to this situation for some is the fact that 26% felt their company does not provide adequate support for their safety and well-being during this time of year.

It’s clear there’s room for improvement in how companies support their drivers—extra holiday pay is just the tip of the iceberg. Truckers in the U.S. have already been asking for better working conditions. So, what actions do drivers want their employers to take to better support their safety during the holiday season? Those we surveyed called for the following:

  • Better tires
  • Alternate routes and longer breaks during bad weather
  • Hiring more drivers to reduce individual work hours
  • Keeping trucks conditioned for severe weather
  • Mental health resources
  • More days off during the holidays

Businesses might consider these steps to secure the safety and well-being of our truck drivers, who play a crucial role in keeping the holiday season merry and bright for everyone.

Supporting Our Holiday Heroes

The most festive time of year poses significant challenges for truckers, impacting their family relationships and underscoring the importance of adequate compensation and support. Combined with the emotional and physical toll of their holiday workload, this can make this festive season anything but merry for those who work tirelessly to deliver our holiday cheer.

Beyond recognizing and appreciating these sacrifices, employers may also want to take note and ensure that their drivers are adequately assisted and rewarded for their hard work. After all, what would our holiday celebrations be like without truckers? 

As we enjoy our twinkling lights, festive decorations, and family gatherings this year, let’s not forget to be grateful for the truck drivers who make it possible.


Lance Surety Bonds surveyed 142 truck drivers about working during the holiday season.

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