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What is a Credit Service Organization?

A credit service organization is a business that charges a fee to assist a buyer to obtain an extension of credit or to improve or preserve a buyer’s credit rating. These organizations can also prevent or delay the foreclosure of a mortgage or other security agreement. Credit service organizations are required to post a surety bond for most states as part of their licensing requirements. The bond protects buyers of various credit services from fraudulent practices that could cause them financial harm. In other words, this form of surety bond guarantees that credit service organizations comply with all applicable state regulations.

These bonds are also commonly referred to as CSO Bonds, Credit Repair Services, Credit Counseling Organization and Debt Management Service Provider Bonds.

Questions about Credit Services Organization Surety Bonds

How much does a credit service organization bond cost?

As is the case with most license bonds, the cost will depend primarily on the owner’s personal credit and the financial strength of the business. Applicants with strong credit typically will pay between 1 to 3% of the bond amount in the form of annual premium.

Those with damaged credit may have to pay higher rates, in the range of 4 to 15%.

For more in depth information on bond prices, visit our page on Surety Bond Costs.

Will my bond provide coverage in multiple states?

Each state has its own credit service organization license and bond requirements. Therefore, to be licensed to do business in a given state, you’ll need to have an individual bond for that specific state.

Do I need a separate bond for each location?

This varies by state, so you’ll need to check with your respective obligee to ensure proper compliance. In many states, however, a separate surety bond must be established for each location operated by the credit repair business.

What are examples of fraudulent practices?

Most actions that will lead to a violation are related to misrepresentation, unethical actions, or failure to follow state laws. An example would be if the credit service organization makes, or advises a client to make, a false or misleading statement relating to their creditworthiness to a consumer reporting agency or to a company that has extended them credit.

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Find Your Surety Bond

  • Arizona
    Credit Repair Services Bond
    Arizona State Government Management Services Div.
  • California
    Credit Services Organization
    Attorney General's Office
  • Colorado
    Debt Management
    Collection Agency Board
  • Connecticut
    Debt Negotiator
    Banking Commissioner of the State of Connecticut
  • Connecticut
    Debt Negotiator Bond
    Connecticut Department of Banking
  • Connecticut
    Debt Negotiator Bond
    Banking Commissioner of the State of Connecticut
  • Delaware
    Debt Management
    State of Delaware
  • Federal Government
    Nonprofit Budget and Credit Counseling Agency Bond
    Executive Office for United States Trustees
  • Florida
    Credit Service Organization Bond
    Division of Statutory Revision
  • Illinois
    Credit Services Organization
    Secretary of State - Index Department
  • Indiana
    Foreclosure Consultant/Credit Services Organizatio
    IN Consumer Protection Division
  • Indiana
    Credit Services Organization
    State of Indiana Office of Attorney General
  • Iowa
    Credit Services Organization
    Secretary of State
  • Kansas
    Surety Bond Credit Services Organization
    Office of the State Bank Commissioner
  • Kentucky
    Debt Adjuster
    Office of the AG - Consumer Protection Division
  • Louisiana
    Credit Repair Services
    Louisiana Attorney General
  • Maine
    Debt Management
    Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection
  • Maryland
    Licensee Surety Bond Credit Service Business
    Commissioner of Financial Regulation
  • Maryland
    Debt Settlement Services Registration
    Commissioner of Financial Regulation
  • Minnesota
    Credit Service Organization
    Dept of Commerce - Div of Financial Institutions
  • Nevada
    Credit Service Organizations Surety Bond
    Division of Mortgage Lending
  • New Hampshire
    Debt Adjuster's
    State of New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
    Debt Adjustment
    NJDOBI: License Services, Banking
  • North Carolina
    Credit Repair License
    Attorney General
  • Ohio
    Credit Service Organization Bond
    Ohio Dept of Commerce Div of Fin Inst
  • Oklahoma
    Credit Services Organization License
    OK Dept of Consumer Credit
  • Oregon
    Debt Management Service Provider
    Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Sevices
  • South Carolina
    Credit Counseling Organization Special Deposit Bon
    Dept of Consumer Affairs
  • Texas
    Credit Services Organization
    Secretary of State
  • Texas
    Consumer Debt Management Services
    The Office of Consumer Credit
  • Utah
    Credit Services Organization
    Department of Commerce
  • Virginia
    Credit Service Business
    Dept of Agriculture & Consumer Services
  • West Virginia
    Credit Services Organization Bond
    Secretary of State
  • Wisconsin
    Debt Management
    Dept of Financial Institutions
  • Wisconsin
    Credit Services Organization
    Dept. of Financial Institutions

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