Surety News: Wichita-based Martin K. Eby Construction Co.

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Published: Jan 19, 2009
On 9 January 2009, the Wichita Business Journal reported that the Wichita-based Martin K. Eby Construction Company Inc. and Liberty Mutual Insurance Company entered into a surety bond program with one another. This deal comes after a roughly four-year period where Eby Construction Co. was unable to purchase the contract surety bonds required in order to work on certain government projects. This inability to obtain surety bonds came as a result of a number of significant losses on jobs in both the states of Texas and Florida. Eby was forced to sell their operations in TX and FL.

In October of this past year (2008), Eby made the positive announcement that they were on the verge of regaining their ability to obtain surety bonds. A significant settlement in a lawsuit with one of their Dallas-based customers may have been the catalyst for this favorable turn of events.

Now that Eby Construction Co. has begun a surety bond program with Liberty Mutual, the company should soon be able to conduct work in the public sector. Additionally, Eby announced that they will be able to place bids to do work on certain profitable jobs in the private sector that they had previously been unable to bid on due to their inability to obtain surety backing (via surety bonds). Two of the private sector jobs mentioned by the Wichita Business Journal were Via Christi Health System and Cessna Aircraft Co.

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