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36% of contractors think that in 2014 the construction market will expand more than in any other single year. The construction industry is on the rise: that’s the encouraging news from Lance Surety Bonds’ new infographic. And which areas of the private sector are expected to be most profitable?

The consensus points to manufacturing, retail, lodging & warehouse, and higher education & hospitals. The most optimistic findings concern employment trends in the construction sector. More than half of contractors hired new employees last year, and a significant percentage are planning to hire in 2014. For many of companies, the number of to-hire positions is about 25% of their total staff. Most construction companies are on the lookout for skilled workers. The biggest demand is for supervisors, estimating professionals, equipment operators and carpenters, which offers great opportunities for experts in these fields.

Contractors express immense optimism for the industry as a whole, expecting it to grow significantly in the next few years. This makes them more open to new projects and working in a broader geographical area. With such high hopes and good economic indicators, why miss this chance to start or further expand your contracting business today?



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217 Flares Twitter 34 Facebook 61 Google+ 47 LinkedIn 67 StumbleUpon 5 Pin It Share 3 217 Flares ×
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Lachezar Stamatov is a contributor for Lance Surety Bonds blog. He is an expert in the field of surety bonds and licensing. He is following closely the dynamics of the industry and has written numerous articles on the topic.
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