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Sports Promoter Bonds

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What is a Sports Promoter Bond?

There are bonds required by State Athletic Commissions of all applicants pursuing a promoter’s license. They are required for mixed martial arts, boxing, wresting and kickboxing promoters. Bond amounts will vary by state, but most range between $10,000 and $25,000. The bond must be furnished in order to ensure faithful performance by a sports promoter of their obligation under state laws. More specifically, sports permit bonds guarantee that promoters comply with rules and regulations outlined in their state license, including the fulfillment of all contractual obligations to contestants, their managers and other licensees, along with the payment of all promoters license and permit fees.

Questions about Sports Promoter Bonds

How much do Sports Promoter Bonds cost?

As is the case with most types of license bonds, prices are based almost solely on the promoter’s personal credit. Sports promoters with excellent personal credit can expect to pay annual premium ranging from 1 to 3% of the total bond amount. So if you get approved at a 1% rate for a $15,000 PA Professional MMA Promoter Bond, you pay $150 per year in exchange for bond coverage.

How do I get a Sport Permit or Athlete Agent Bond?

The first step is to apply for one. By applying directly on our secure application, most applicants can receive a quote within just minutes.

As part of your approval, your bond agent will provide you with the premium amount due along with an agreement with the bond company. Once you've provided payment and a signed copy of the indemnity agreement, your Sports Promoter Bond will be issued promptly.

Once you receive the original bond, sign it in the applicable spot, and then provide it to the obligee (state) requiring the bond, and you should be all set.

Can I get a Promoter Bond if I have bad credit?

Yes, but rates may vary. Depending on what surety company you apply with, promoters with bad credit can pay up to 15% of the bond amount per year for their bonds. Fortunately, Lance Surety write these bonds more aggressively than any other company. Our bad credit rates usually range between 5 to 7.5%!

Do I need a separate promoter bond for each state?

Most state athletic commissions require that a separate bond be filed for each state a promoter is licensed in. While our agency can help with information on most states’ requirements, it’s always a good idea to check the state department requiring you to be licensed for the most up to date requirements. Lance Surety can set you up with a large bond line, so you can easily get bonded in multiple states.

Do Sports Permit Bonds protect against injury in the ring?

No. They guarantee that promoters will fulfill their contractual obligations and comply with rules and regulations outlined in their state promoter’s license.

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Find Your Surety Bond

  • Alabama
    Promoter's License Bond
  • Arizona
    Boxing Performance
    AZ State Boxing Commission
  • Arkansas
    Combative Sports Bond
    Arkansas Athletic Commission
  • California
    Professional Club and Promoter's Bond
    State Athletic Commission
  • District of Columbia
    Boxing and Wrestling Promoter License Bond
    Boxing And Wrestling Commission
  • Florida
    Florida State Boxing Commission
  • Georgia
    Athlete Agent Regulatory Commission
    Georgia Athletic Regulatory Commission
  • Georgia
    Athlete Agent Regulatory Commission
    Elder's Entertainment center
  • Georgia
    Match/Event Permit
    GA Athletic and Entertainment Commission
  • Georgia
    Promoters License
    GA Athletic & Entertainment Commission
  • Hawaii
    HI Mixed Martial Arts Program
  • Idaho
    Mixed Martial Art
    Idaho Atheltic Commission
  • Illinois
    Boxing or Full Contact Martial Arts
    Dept of Financial and Professional Regulation
  • Illinois
    Boxing or Full Contact Martial Arts
    Dept of Financial and Professional Regulation
  • Indiana
    Boxing & Unarmed Combat Promoters
    Indiana Gaming Commission
  • Iowa
    Athletic Commissioner Boxing/Wrestling/Mixed Marti
    State of Iowa Athletic Commission Iowa Division of
  • Kansas
    Professional Boxing, Kickboxing & Full Contract Ka
    Kansas Athletic Commission
  • Kentucky
    Boxing and Wrestling Authority Promoter
    Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Commision
  • Louisiana
    State Boxing & Wrestling Commission
  • Michigan
    Unarmed Combat License Bond
    MI Department of Licensing and regulatory Affairs
  • Minnesota
    Promoters Bond
    MN Office of Combative Sports
  • Missouri
    License Bond For Boxing, Martial Arts, Or Wrestlin
    Office of Athletics
  • Nevada
    Promoter's License and Refund Bond
    Nevada Athletic Commission
  • New Mexico
    Promoters of Professional Athletic Events
    State Athletic Commission
  • New York
    Sport Permits Bond
    State Athletic Commission
  • New York
    Boxing, Sparring, and Wrestling Match Permit Bond
    State Athletic Commission
  • North Carolina
    Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts Promoter's Surety Bond
    Dept. of Crime Control & Public Safety, Alcohol La
  • Ohio
    Athletic Commission
    OH Athletic Commission
  • Ohio
    Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and Tough Person Promot
    Ohio Athletic Commission
  • Ohio
    Athlete Agent Bond
    OH Athletic Commission
  • Oklahoma
    Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA and Wrestling
    Oklahoma state athletic
  • Oklahoma
    Oklahoma State Athletic
  • Oklahoma
    Athlete Agent Bond
    Oklahoma Secretart of State
  • Oregon
    Sport Promoter
    Dept. of State Police, OR Athletic Commission
  • Pennsylvania
    Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission
  • Pennsylvania
    Professional Wrestling Promoter
    PA State Athletic Commission
  • Pennsylvania
    Athlete Agent Bond
    Commonwealth of Pennsylvania State Athletic Comm
  • Pennsylvania
    Professional Mixed Martial Arts Promoter Bond
    Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission
  • South Carolina
    Professional Mixed Martial Arts Promoter Bond
    South Carolina State Athletic Commission
  • Tennessee
    Professional Boxing or Combat Matches Promoter
    Tennessee Athletic Commission
  • Texas
    Combative Sports Promoter Bond
    Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
  • Texas
    Athlete Agent
    Secretary of State
  • Utah
    Pete Suazo Utah Athletic Commission
  • Virginia
    Boxing and Wrestling Event Bond
    Dept of Professional and Occupational Regulation
  • Washington
    Professional Boxing, Martial Arts, and Wrestling
    Washington State Department of Licensing
  • West Virginia
    Promoter's License Bond
    West Virginia State Athletic Commission
  • Wisconsin
    Boxing or Mixed Martail Arts Professional Club or
    Department of Regulation and Licensing
  • Wyoming
    Promoter License Bond
    Wyoming State Board of Mixed Martial Arts

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