Vic Lance Interviewed For Freight Broker Boot Camp 

lance surety and freight broker boot camp

Recently, Vic Lance, owner of Lance Surety Bond Associates Inc., was interviewed by Dennis Brown, owner of Freight Broker Boot Camp

In the interview, Vic shared his experience in starting his surety bond agency and specializing in finding bonds for freight brokers. He explained how Lance Surety Bonds works and how thanks to its approach freight brokers can get some of the lowest possible rates on their bonds.

Vic and Dennis also announced a partnership between Lance Surety Bonds and Freight Broker Boot Camp. As part of the partnership, Lance Surety Bonds will be providing the lowest possible surety bond rates for any future students of the Freight Broker Boot Camp who apply for a BMC-84 Freight Broker Bond.

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To hear what Vic and Dennis had to say about getting bonded as a freight broker, watch the full interview below!


3 Things Every Freight Broker Must Know About Their Broker Bond

The main part of the interview was devoted to Vic sharing his in-depth knowledge about the surety bond industry, and specifically about what freight brokers need to know when getting bonded.

In his presentation, Vic covered three important points:

First, he explained in detail what freight broker bonds are, what they do, and who they protect. This included an explanation of the difference between insurance and surety bonds, and why freight brokers are required to get bonded.

Secondly, Vic spoke about what it costs to get bonded. He explained how bond premiums work, and which financial factors are taken into account by bond companies when issuing a bond quote for a broker. He also shared tips on how brokers can save money on their bonds by lowering its cost.

And third, before moving on to the Q&A session, Vic and Dennis spoke about bond claims and how they work. They discussed what freight brokers can do to avoid claims, and what their best course of action is if a claim is made against their bond. Vic also spoke about how Lance Surety Bonds’ claims manager actively assists brokers who face a claim to handle the situation. 

Finally, during the Q&A session near the end of the video, Vic responded to viewers’ questions about getting a freight broker bond, the difference between the BMC-84 bond and the BMC-85 trust fund, and more!

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