Top 5 Trends that Will Affect The Home of the Future

Published: Mar 13, 2014

Following the Design and Construction Week in Las Vegas, CNN has outlined 5 trends that will affect the way our future homes look.

#1 Smart Homes

Seems like technology is further increasing its impact on home building. A product of particular interest is the Edge Home, which can provide users with a very detailed breakthrough of their energy consumption.

#2 Contractors Aided by the Cloud

New products are helping contractors in every part of the business process – ” from invoicing subcontractors, to purchasing materials, to client interaction.”

#3 Luxury is Redefined

The years following the recession have reshaped perception of luxury. The focus is less and less on “square footage, a Roman tub, or granite counters” and more on “the look for less”.

#4 Practicality Enjoys More Attention

A more simplified and modern-looking design seems to be putting the McMansion out of business. Builders are focusing on practical European-like design and a lot of useable storage.

#5 Green Building is Stepping Up

While it took a long time, green building seems to be finally on the rise. More than 80% consumers say they are willing to make a slightly higher innitial investment in return for savings later on.

Read the full article in CNN Money.

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