North Carolina Contractor License Bonds

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Published: Jan 18, 2009
In July 2008, in response to an extreme drought and in an effort to more efficiently use the precious resource, water, the General Assembly of North Carolina passed House Bill 2353 (Senate Bill 1795), short title “Irrigation Contractors Licensure/Fees”, which created “The North Carolina Irrigation Contractors’ Licensing Board”.  The initial board was to be selected no later than 1 October 2008.

According to the law, any person in the state that operates as an “irrigation contractor”, or under the appearance of an irrigation contractor must be properly licensed inNorth Carolina.  The bill requires all “irrigation contractors” in the state to purchase a $10,000 license bond (type of commercial surety bond) in order to operate.

Any irrigation contracting or construction performed by a person, partnership, association, or any other type of group must be directly supervised by a licensed member of the state’s “Irrigation Contractors’ Licensing Boars”, which was created from this bill.

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