How to Get a Nevada Contractor License

Published: May 04, 2017

Starting a Nevada contractor business is an exciting business move. The first step you need to make is to obtain a Nevada contractor license.

The Nevada State Contractors Board is the authority that regulates the licensing of contractors in the state. It has a list of requirements that a construction specialist needs to meet before they can operate legally. One of the most important criteria is posting a Nevada contractor license bond.

Here are the most important details about the licensing process to help you get started with your contractorship in Nevada.

Choose among the Nevada contractors license classifications

The Nevada State Contractors Board offers a number of classifications and subclassifications that contractors can get licensed in. Depending on the major activity you would like to engage in, you need to choose the right license type.

The options include:

  • Classification A: General engineering (with 25 subclassifications)
  • Classification B: General building (with six subclassifications)
  • Classification AB: General building and general engineering
  • Classifications C1 to C42 for specialty contractors (such as electricians, plumbers, etc.), each having further subclassifications

For each classification, there are separate sets of Nevada contractors license requirements that applicants have to meet. The biggest difference is the exam they have to pass as a part of the licensing, which corresponds to their exact specialty.

Follow the licensing process

Nevada contractor license requirements

Whether you want to obtain a Nevada general contractors license, an electrical contractors license, or any other type, you need to complete the contractors license application. This elaborate document contains a number of questions that you have to answer, and you need to attach additional paperwork to it.

The most important criteria you have to meet include, among others:

  • Get a Nevada State Business License from the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office in order to receive a Nevada Business ID;
  • Provide personal information for any principal, member, officer, director, partner, or associate, as well as business entity documents;
  • Pass the criminal background check and provide fingerprinting;
  • Demonstrate financial responsibility by providing your financial documents;
  • Obtain four reference certificates for at least four of your last ten years of work experience;
  • Pass the applicable tests (CMS, Trade Exams) - and pay relevant fees for them ($140 for combined CMS and one Trade Exam);
  • Post a surety bond in an amount set by the Board.

If you want to operate as a contractor in more than one classification, you will need to complete the licensing process separately for each main classification. You have to pay a $600 license fees for a two-year license. For further information about the licensing process, you can consult the Board’s Licensing Overview document.

Get your Nevada contractor license bond

Obtaining a surety bond is one of the indispensable requirements for getting your Nevada contractor license. Your bond amount can be between $1,000 and $500,000 for the two-year license period. It is determined by the Board on the basis of your classification, your professional background and assessment of your financial responsibility. You need to use the Bond Form set by the licensing authority.

The bond functions as an extra layer of protection for the licensing body and your clients. It guarantees a compensation for any harmed parties in case you transgress from state laws. More specifically, it ensures your compliance with Chapter 642 of the Nevada Revised Statutes.

The surety bond price you need to pay is different from the bond amount you are required to post. It is a fraction of it, which means you have to cover 1%-5% of the bond amount. If you have to post a $10,000 bond, this means about $100-$500 premium.

Do you want to start your licensing and bonding process? You can apply online for a free Nevada contractor license bond quote. Need help with the application? Just call us at 877.514.5146 and our bonding experts will be happy to help.   

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