How to Get a Nebraska Dealer License [2024 Guide] 

Published: Dec 05, 2019

nebraska dealer license


Is starting a car dealership in Nebraska on your mind? In order to launch your business in legal compliance, you need to undergo a rigorous procedure. It entails obtaining a Nebraska dealer license. 

The licensing process includes meeting a list of requirements. Their purpose is to ensure you are a suitable applicant for conducting dealer activities. Among the major ones is posting an auto dealer bond. 

To get ready for the procedure and kickstart your dealership, read on for further details in the sections below. 

1. Determine the right auto dealer license type 

The Nebraska Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board is the state authority in charge of overseeing the dealership industry. You can obtain a few different license types, defined by the kind of vehicles that you want to sell:

  • Combination Motor Vehicle/ Trailer Dealer License - new and/or used motor vehicles/motorcycles/trailers
  • Trailer Dealer License - new and/or used trailers only
  • Motorcycle Dealer License - new and/or used motorcycles only
  • Auction Dealer License - auctions

2. Get to know the Nebraska dealer license requirements

The criteria of the Board for licensing dealers are numerous. They are the following: 

  • Business entity information and name
  • Photos of the place of business and dealership sign
  • Lease agreement for the business location
  • Telephone line and business hours (40 hours per week, with a minimum of 20 hours falling between 8 am and 5 pm)
  • Service facility or agreement with a service facility in the same county
  • Franchise agreement (for new car dealers only) 
  • Certificate of liability insurance for all owned vehicles (not necessary for trailer dealers only) 
  • Surety bond 

3. Prepare your paperwork

nebraska dealer licenseThe main document for your licensing is the Board’s dealer license application (for all types of dealer licenses) or the auction dealer license application (for auction dealers). You have to complete the relevant form and to attach the necessary paperwork that proves you fulfill the requirements detailed in the previous section.

Along with them, you also have to obtain the following documents from other authorities:

  • Zoning permit from local authorities
  • Worker’s compensation insurance (if applicable) 

4. Post the necessary Nebraska auto dealer bond 

All applicants for dealer licenses need to get a surety bond. The Nebraska auto dealer bond guarantees you will follow the law in your car sales business activities. It serves as a protection mechanism for your customers. 

The required amount for vehicle dealers is set at $50,000. For auction dealers, it is $100,000. In order to get bonded, you need to pay a fraction of it. This is your bond premium. The strength of your personal and business finances is the main factor that determines it. The rates for applicants with solid financial profiles are between 0.75% and 5%


5. Apply with your full document set

You can submit your completed application and documents to the Board by mailing it to:

Nebraska State Office Building
301 Centennial Mall South
P.O. Box 94697 
Lincoln, NE 68509

After the Board has received them, you will get a visit from a field investigator. If you have successfully passed the on-site inspection and received the approval of the Board, you need to pay a $400 licensing fee. Then you will receive your license, together with a Treasurer’s Certificate. It authorizes your county Treasurer to issue dealer plates for you. 

You can review the Board’s dealer application instructions for further information. 

6. Keep your dealer license active

You need to undergo the Nebraska dealer license renewal annually if you want to continue your operations in the state. The licensing period ends on December 31st of each year. Thus, you have to apply for a renewal before that date in order to stay compliant. 


For further information about the Nebraska car dealer license and bond requirements? You can contact us at 877.514.5146. 

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