House Allocates More than $12 Billion to 34 Water Projects

Published: May 22, 2014

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Even though Congress still hasn’t managed to pass an infrastructure bill, the House passed “the closest thing so far” – it has approved more than $12 billion in water projects. The bill authorizes 34 projects, “ranging from flood protection in California and North Dakota to deepening the Port of Savannah and widening a Texas-Louisiana waterway that services the oil industry.”

The bill, called the Water Resources Reform and Development Act, passed with strong bipartisan approval – a 412-4 vote. It caused skepticism among watchdog groups such as Heritage Action and Taxpayers for Common Sense which consider such measures “wasteful government spending”. Others, such U.S. Chamber of Commerce support it because they think it will boost the economy and create many new jobs.

Some lawmakers say this bill is much more fiscally responsible than previous such bills, while one senator “noted the bill puts an end to $18 billion in dormant water projects passed before 2007.”

Some $800 million of the bill are allocated to flood diversion, while $760 million will go to a California project “that would strengthen levees of the Natomas Basin in the Sacramento area, which could protect more than 100,000 residents.”

Read the full article in Yahoo News.

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