Where Are Green Cars Most Popular?

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Published: Jun 16, 2014
Lexus CT200h from Regency Lexus
Reports show that in 2013 the market for green cars expanded. There are currently close to 7 million diesel-powered passenger vehicles and 2.8 million hybrids in the U.S. The former increased by 410,040 vehicles in 2013, while the latter by 531,385 vehicles. In just 3 years (between 2010 and 2013) diesel registration increased 30 percent, “and hybrid sales grew by 64.5 percent.”

Still, demand for green cars is not equally distributed across America. An analysis by Diesel Technology Forum reveals that Texas is currently number one in diesel passenger vehicles. There are currently 836,426 such vehicles registered there, of which the large majority (747,760) are pickups. Next in line is Wyoming where 10.8 percent of people drive diesel vehicles. North Dakota, on the other hand, is the state where diesel registrations are growing the fastest.

When it comes to hybrids, “California, not surprisingly, leads in the total number of hybrid vehicles (698,560), followed by Texas (153,557) and Florida (150,885), mimicking the rankings for the states with the most diesel cars and SUVs.” The biggest increase in hybrid registrations is observed at Georgia, Oklahoma and Michigan.

Read the full article in Autoblog Green.

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