Classifications for License and Permit Bond Guarantees

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Published: Mar 27, 2010
There are numerous types of surety bonds that fall under the license and permit bond category, and they can come with a wide variety of guarantees. Below is a list of the primary classifications for guarantees that accompany different types of license and permit bonds.

Compliance-only Bonds: These types of surety bonds guarantee that principals will be in compliance with all pertinent laws for a specific activity or business.

Compliance bonds with third-party liability: Similar to compliance-only bonds, these types of license and permit bonds guarantee that the principal will comply with the laws pertaining to the activity they are licensed for. However, they also come with a guarantee that the surety will pay damages to any third-party group or individual that happens to suffer from any losses incurred due to non-compliance by the principal.

Forfeiture Bonds: When dealing with this classification of license and permit bond, a surety must forfeit the entire amount of the surety bond in the unfortunate event that the principal does not complete a project per the terms of the contract, or is otherwise found to be non-compliant. What makes this different from many other guarantees, is that instead of simply paying for damages incurred as a result of a contract violation the surety must forfeit the entire amount of the surety bond. This is common for license and permit bonds that come with a financial guarantee.

Tax or Fee Bonds: This type of license and permit bond guarantees that the principal will both properly account for and remit taxes and fees collected through the their business operations. Common examples are liquor tax bonds, fuel tax bonds, and sales tax bonds.

Merchandising and Dealer Bonds: Simply put, this classification of license and permit bond guarantees that a principal partaking in merchandising activities will comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Essentially, they act to deter fraudulent practices or misrepresentation by a principal, and provide the necessary protection for the public. A common example would be an auto dealer bond, which protects the public from fraudulent practices by a motor vehicle dealer.

Reclamation and Environmental Protection Bonds: These types of surety bonds guarantee that any land altered or damaged during the course of business operations by a principal will be fully restored to its original state upon completion of work. Details on what specific restoration must take place should be included in the permit filing, and often times can include actions such as planting grass seed, replacing topsoil, etc. In regards to the environmental protection guarantee, principals must promptly clean up any spillage or runoff that could unintentionally pollute local land or water in the vicinity of the principals operation.

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