$50,000 Medicaid Provider Bond in Indiana

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Published: Aug 29, 2011
SB 510/HB 1230: Miscellaneous Bond – Medicaid Providers

Transportation suppliers who are enrolling in Medicaid, changing the ownership of a Medicaid provider or those who are purchasing or transferring the assets or ownership interests of a Medicaid provider are required to post a $50,000.00 surety bond. This bond will be continuous for a term of three years and it will guarantee that the surety will pay the amount of a Medicaid overpayment or false claim made to the provider. The surety’s liability will not exceed the bond amount, and the bond requirement would not apply to federal tax-exempt organizations. Secretary of Family and Social Services would have discretion to grant waivers for transportation providers operating in a federal or state designated underserved area.

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