Best 5 apps for car dealerships

Published: Jan 29, 2014
With mobile technologies penetrating every aspect of our lives, it’s hardly surprising that auto dealers are also increasingly using them for everything from boosting sales to handling inventories and customer relations. In this busy age, with its increased focus on efficiency, apps are becoming a preferred way of communication for customers too. Providing them with that option is one way to make your dealership a more attractive one. Here are 5 useful suggestions.

Dealer Logix

Dealer Logixis a customizable app, created for iOS or Android tablets and geared towards dealerships which offer repairs. As the developer of the app put it, it takes care of the three most important steps in your communication with the client: greeting, listening and confirming. It helps with greeting because the app contains the history of your relations with the customer. The listening becomes easier because you can take your iPad and walk around with the customer while they explain what the problem is. That takes care of juggling between your work station and the customer. Finally, it helps with confirming because it helps you create a one-page presentation that makes it easier to communicate to your client what exactly needs to be done.

Dealer Connect 2.5

Dealer Connect 2.5 is a unique app (currently supported by the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and some versions of the iPad) in that it provides both the dealership and its customer with some pretty nifty features. Dealers will like that the app lets you create accounts easily thanks to full integration with the DMS. That makes transfer of information a snap. It also comes with customizable inventory details, so each vehicle can display a specific number of details. As for your customers, it will let them save time by appointing meetings, finding their car through GPS, locating nearby parking spots and even seeing where the cheapest gas stations are.

Dealer AppVantage

DealerApp Vantage (available for iOS, Android and Blackberry) is one of the pioneers in apps designed for car dealers. It’s a great tool for leveraging your sales as it comes with a Mobile Marketing Platform that helps you with a detailed plan for whom to target and how to do it, together with lessons derived from case studies on successful dealerships. It comes with a plethora of features, many of which are customizable, such as the push notifications option. Customers can schedule servicing appointments, view their servicing history, sign up for a test drive and even pay their bill all with the help of the app.

Auto Dealer App by Pulse

Auto Dealer App by Pulse

Pulse Services is a Canadian company that “specializes in design, development and deployment of communication applications”. They have developed a car dealership app that is customizable to your needs and offers all the functionality you need. With push notifications, customer satisfaction surveys and service appointments, Pulse’s dealer app has got you covered when it comes to sales and communication. The app can be very useful in your day-to-day work with such tools as a loan calculator and CARFAX reports. Finally, your customers can use it too and get valuable information such as notification when their car is ready, operating hours and tools such as the Parking Marker and the Gas Predictor.


myMobileDealer app

myMobileDealer is an extremely user-friendly Android and iOS compatible app. It makes communication with your customers a snap with one-touch appointment scheduling and convenient push notification reminders such as when it’s time for the next oil change. But there’s a lot more to this app. You can direct message one or more of your clients with personalized offers and then see how many of them actually read it through the integrated analytics tool. You can manage more than one dealership location and easily integrate your DMS and CRM systems. As for your customers, they will find myMobileDealer provides them with all the necessary tools to enhance their driving experience and shopping experience – with notifications about safety recalls, insurance details, cheapest gas and access to one-touch roadside assistance.

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