Want to Haul Military Freight? Check out SDDC’s Requirements

License Bonds | 31 Jul 2014
Are you a freight carrier company seeking to get into military freight transportation? Well, if you are, there are several ways to get into that niche. The easiest way is to get on the list of a broker approved by the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), and get work from them. But if you want to cut the middle man and move Department of Defense (DOD) freight yourself, there … Read More »

Are Federal Contractors About to Face More False Claims Act Lawsuits?

Uncategorized | 24 Jul 2014
Working on federal projects has numerous benefits for contractors, so federal contracts always attract a fierce competition. But in an effort to protect taxpayer money, sometimes the government adopts legislation that quickly turns controversial. Such is the case with a recent ruling by the United States Courts of Appeals for the Fourth District, which aims to increase penalties for federal contractors who defraud the government under the False Claims Act … Read More »

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Get Your Freight Broker’s License

License Bonds | 16 Jun 2014
As journalist Steve Albini says, “the backbone of this country is the independent truck.” Freight shipping is an indispensable part of modern life, and there is a complex ecosystem to support it. An integral piece of the support structure is the freight broker. The freight broker acts as a middleperson between an entity that wishes to transport property and the motorized carrier who … Read More »

4 Software Solutions for Every Successful Mortgage Broker

License Bonds | 11 Jun 2014
These days the job of a mortgage broker is nearly impossible without the use of computer software. There are many programs to help and guide you through all your everyday tasks, including dealing with customers, searching for loans, communicating with banks and other financial institutions, etc. Using the right mortgage broker software can be imperative to your success, but in such a flooded market, how can you choose the right … Read More »

Top 5 Online Retailers for Workwear & Gear

Contract Bonds | 09 Jun 2014
Shopping online has numerous benefits – it saves you time and you can do it from the comfort of your home. But more importantly – you get more choice. This can be especially important for contractors, who need to take many factors into consideration when shopping for work apparel and gear – it has to be comfortable, durable, compliant with OSHA standards, etc. With this in mind, next time you need … Read More »

Bidding in Construction: Should Losing Bidders be Compensated?

Contract Bonds | 04 Jun 2014
After the bids on certain projects are over and a contract has been awarded, a natural question arises: “Should the losing bidders be somehow compensated for the time, effort and money they’ve put into developing the proposal?” A recent project that spurred interest in this question was the California High-Speed Rail, which will span more than 800 miles with trains going up to 200 miles per hour. In February, … Read More »

Construction Industry On The Rise

Contract Bonds, License Bonds | 13 May 2014
36% of contractors think that in 2014 the construction market will expand more than in any other single year. The construction industry is on the rise: that’s the encouraging news from Lance Surety Bonds’ new infographic. And which areas of the private sector are expected to be most profitable? The consensus points to manufacturing, retail, lodging & warehouse, and higher education & hospitals. The most optimistic findings concern employment trends in … Read More »

Most Common FCA Violations in the Construction Industry

License Bonds | 12 May 2014
It’s not uncommon to encounter fraud in the construction sector, and federal projects are no exception. The government has been taking steps to reduce the likelihood of fraud for a long time. In the 1930′s, it adopted the Miller Act, which requires contractors working on federal construction projects to post as a guarantee for a job well done. Another measure in the same direction dates all the way … Read More »

Brief Guide to Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI) Bonds

License Bonds | 30 Apr 2014
Anyone who wants to become an Ocean Transportation Intermediary (OTI) must obtain a license by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) as mandated by the Shipping Act of 1984. An OTI is considered either an Ocean Freight Forwarder (OFF) or a Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC). A very important part of the licensing requirement is the Ocean Transportation Intermediary Bond (OTI bond). Here’s a brief guide about OTI Bonds along with information … Read More »

Time to Renew: Florida Auto Dealer Bonds Expire April 30th

Dealer Bonds, License Bonds | 15 Apr 2014
In accordance with state regulations, all Florida auto dealer licenses expire on April 30th each year. The only exception is for mobile home dealers, whose licenses will end on September 30th. Here are some of the requirements for a Florida dealer license renewal: Read on for the specifics of Florida dealer bonds and how they can be obtained at the lowest possible price. For those of you who are relatively new to the … Read More »
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