A Few Good Truckers: How Fleet Owners Find (And Keep) The Best Drivers

Uncategorized | 03 Dec 2014
Across North America, fleet owners are grappling with a truck driver shortage that only seems to get worse. Trucking suffers from high turnover rates, an aging workforce, and waning interest among young workers. As fleet owners look to lose many veteran drivers in the coming years, the question is who will replace them. Many analysts agree that workers have lost interest in trucking because they don’t think the pay … Read More »

Your Guide to Liquor License Costs in California

License Bonds | 24 Nov 2014
Do you own – or want to open – a liquor store in California? If so, you might have already familiarized yourself with the licensing process, but it’s likely that the licensing costs remain a bit unclear. It’s understandable – the question of how much a liquor license costs in California is anything but simple! Since the different require different fees, we’ve prepared an overview of the costs, to … Read More »

The Ultimate Guide to Liquor License Costs in Florida

License Bonds | 10 Nov 2014
Is your business related to selling liquor in Florida? If yes, you’re probably already familiar with the process of getting your liquor license in the state. Still, the licensing costs can be confusing. How much does a liquor license cost in Florida, really? Since the fees for the different types of licenses vary, we’ve compiled this guide to help you out in your licensing process. Don’t forget that for all … Read More »

Starting Your Own HVACR Business in New Jersey? Here’s How to Get Your License!

License Bonds | 22 Oct 2014
As of March this year, anybody wanting to become a licensed Master HVACR contractor in New Jersey has to do so under the conditions of the newest N.J.S.A. 45:16A-1 licensing Act. With this Act, the State Board of Examiners of Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration Contractors in New Jersey has revised the process, conditions and requirements for licensing as a Master HVACR contractor in the state. Becoming licensed is … Read More »

Can you be bonded after a bankruptcy? It depends.

Uncategorized | 02 Oct 2014
Obviously no want to file for bankruptcy, but s One way in which a bankruptcy can have an impact on you is by affecting your chances of getting bonded, i.e. obtaining a . Not all bonds, however, are the same. To what extent a bankruptcy will affect your ability to get bonded will depend on the , the type of the bond and several other factors. Whether you have … Read More »

Celebrate World Tourism Day on September 27th

License Bonds | 26 Sep 2014
  If you’ve ever been a visitor in another country, or worked to help people see the world, take a moment to think about World Tourism Day , a holiday organized by the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The day is organized to highlight the role that tourism plays in creating opportunities for communities worldwide and fostering understanding between people internationally. On a day celebrating international travel, it’s worth taking … Read More »

Thank a Trucker This National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Uncategorized | 16 Sep 2014
If any Americans feel the unexpected urge to hug a long-haul trucker this week, there’s a reason. September 14-20 is . The world of shipping is something that most Americans take for granted, but it’s a necessity of modern life. The explains that , but shipping remains “the biggest business that you know nothing about.” This September, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is a great opportunity to think about … Read More »

Top 6 Forums for Truckers and Freight Brokers

License Bonds | 05 Sep 2014
With the deadline to renew your approaching fast, you are probably vehemently browsing the Internet for more information. Trucking  All of these six sites are great places for finding helpful resources, networking and having job-related fun. Are you a member on any of them? What are your favorite places … Read More »

Obtain a Georgia Used Car Dealer License Using This 7-Step Guide

License Bonds | 02 Sep 2014
Georgia’s economy is showing and forecasts predict we can expect growth there in the coming year, as well. Such news always bodes well for local businesses such as car dealerships. If you have been thinking of opening a used car dealership in this state, you need to be well aware of Georgia’s DMV requirements, such as how to apply for a license and an auto dealer bond. To … Read More »

Find (and Keep) the Truck Capacity You Need: 5 Tips for Freight Brokers

License Bonds | 25 Aug 2014
What’s your biggest challenge as a freight broker? If you answered “finding truck capacity,” you’re in . Consistently, freight brokers struggle to establish– and keep– solid relationships with carriers that will always reliably get freight where it needs to go. The sad fact is that brokers and truckers , even though both sides depend on one another to keep business running. As a freight broker, you can blaze a trail, however. … Read More »
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